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PSR 215

PSR 215 Professional Sound Reinforcement 800W

PSR 215

· 800W 131dB

· 2-way bass-reflex system with 380 mm woofer and 51 mm high frequency unit

· Enclosure in 18 mm birch plywood with internal structural reinforcement and scratch-resistant finish designed to resist the rigours of touring applications

· Trapezoidal profile to reduce internal reflection of soundwaves and facilitate the construction of speaker arrays

· Custom 380 mm woofer with 100 mm coil and aluminium windings for clean, punchy bass response. High efficiency and power handling thanks to the use of a heavy duty magnet structure and an efficient voice coil cooling system

· B&C titanium compression driver with 75 mm voice coil and 51 mm exit offers optimum extension at high frequencies and very low distortion right down to the mid-range frequencies

· Aluminium 60° x 40° dispersion horn

· Connection panel with 2 Neutrik Speakon NL-4 connectors and links to facilitate the connection of several speakers in parallel

· Combines extended and smooth frequency response with a mid-range that is powerful and never oppressive, ensuring excellent speech intelligibility

· Ideal for fixed installations and theatres, auditoriums, club venues, band PAs

· 4 M10 anchoring points for suspended installation and insert for floor stand

· Excellent power handling: 800W/8 Ohm with amplifier recommended in Full-Range mode and 800W/8 Ohm + 160W/8 Ohm for Bi-Amp use

· Dual-mode passive filter with facility for Full Range or Bi-Amp operation with external processing of the signal. Easy repositioning of a connector inside the speaker enclosure, prevents accidental switching mistakes which can occur on systems with external switches.

· Inspection window to view the configuration of the passive filter thereby avoiding problems arising from possible incorrect connections

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